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KATO™ (5.5 L)

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As the suddenly ubiquitous tablet-computers such as the iPad®, are taken into extreme environments and increasingly integrated into professional duties, a new format of rugged, organized carry-bag needed to be created. Part of our Sidekick™ collection of small, nimble, modular bags, the Kato™ is our tablet-carry solution. Its size and layout were specifically designed around the tablet and netbook computer. Its fast-access, padded, and quilted back-pocket cradles your tablet while the other compartments allow you to store various essential gear, which no mere sport/business bag offers. So whether you are a soldier deployed overseas writing e-mails home, a pro field-photographer reviewing photos, or a busy blogger reporting from a chaotic concert, you will understand the appeal of this product.

What’s Included: 
_ 1x Padded shoulder strap (not removable on Grayman version)
_ 1x 1″ Stabilizer strap (not included on Grayman version)
_ 1x Hazard 4® removable hook-backing logo-patch (Grayman version is sewn-on)
_ 1x Removable hook-backing panel (Grayman version only)


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